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Case Study: Education Institutes

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Why do leading education institutes use ZOONO?

Protect you, your people and your students by minimising exposure to harmful bacteria
 Initial reduction of 97.8% surface contamination when applying ZOONO.
 ZOONO treated surfaces are 10 X less contaminated after 25 days versus those left untreated
 Reduce absenteeism within your school and for your students by an average of 42.3%
 Reduce unnecessary cleaning costs
Headmaster Tim O’Connor from one of New Zealand's leading secondary schools talks about keeping operations running smoothly.
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The ZOONO® Protection Plan

ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser

ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser can be used daily by students and staff to provide long-lasting germ protection and help prevent the spread of germs via touch. ZOONO® Hand Sanitiser forms a long-lasting antibacterial shield that bonds to the skin and kills 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours.*

Our dermatologically tested Hand Sanitiser is water-based, alcohol free and can be used by all.

ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser

ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser & Protectant can be used weekly for high touchpoints to provide long-lasting germ protection.

ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser forms a long-lasting antibacterial shield that bonds to surfaces and kills 99.9% of germs for up to 30 days. Spray onto critical surfaces and touchpoints, wipe if necessary to ensure thorough coverage.

We recommend ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser is applied monthly or as required and is used in conjunction with routine hygiene procedures.

Professional Sanitising Treatment

Removal of Matter: We recommend thorough cleaning before application to remove matter from the elected touch point surfaces.

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Protective Layer: Zoono is applied thoroughly to all surfaces using a fogging machine.

ATP Testing & Reporting: ATP testing can be carried out for reporting purposes.

Ready to join the many education institutes that are helping protect their students with ZOONO?

We’d be happy to chat with you about how you can take your cleaning services to the next level of sanitation.


Sample pack includes: 1 x 50ml Hand Sanitiser, 1 x 50ml Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser, 5 x Individual Hand Sanitiser Wipes, 5 x Individual Surface Sanitiser Wipes